I always preferred a basic model mobile phone. I do not like smartphones. I would like to keep all the “smart” apps to either tab or to laptop. Even Smart Watch is fine. But phone I like basic version only.

The only exception to this was Ubuntu Phone. I was and I am waiting for it since the first day Canonical announced about it. I am still waiting. 😡
Hence I decided to just use my then current basic model Nokia phone until Ubuntu phone is launched.

Then one day news came that Firefox Mobile phone is launched in India. Mozilla has exclusively partnered with one of the top Indian e-commerce player Snapdeal and the phone will be available through them only.

Being a loyal Mozilla follower and die hard open source fan I immediately decided to try this phone as a substitute until Ubuntu phone came and part from my basic phone.

I have used the phone for around 5-6 months after that. Here is what I found about the OS.

First take a look at the initial model launched in India.
Model Name: Intex Cloud FX
Phone OS: Mozilla Firefox OS
You can find the hardware description at http://www.snapdeal.com/product/intex-cloud-fx/1356760619

I am not sune whether its due to low powered device or the OS itself, but the overall experience is very bad. OS is not yet ready.

  1. It provides third party WhatsApp connection but it only has 2G. No 3G. It takes a lot of time to connect to WhatApps. If the device succeeds in connecting in the first place that is.
  2. All the apps take time to load.
  3. Phone takes unreasonably long time to Dial. I can call 3 person easily on any other phone while I am calling one person, ending call, going to address book, find second person number and click on call on Firefox OS.
  4. In the Address book, contact displays on screen with minimum of few seconds delay. That is like 5 to 10 seconds wait to see some contact information appear on screen. This is very irritating.
  5. Touch screen is not real time. I do not know what is the technical term to describe this. But many times when I touch something nothing happened. Sometimes when I swipe right to pick up call it swipes left to Cancel the call. Many times I have to click 2-3 times on Call button to actually place the call.
  6. Whenever I receive new text SMS, the OS Notification, which you have to pull down from the top edge, shows some old message as new message instead of the actual new message.
  7. The top right button on the phone, to activate the screen is also takes time to notice that I have pressed it. I have to press many times to wake up the phone. Sometimes I have to hold down the button for more that 5 seconds to turn on the screen.
  8. In last 1-2 months the battery is discharging quickly as compared to when phone was new.
  9. Lack of great Apps as those in Apple and Google App stores for iOS and Androids.
  10. Multiple Apps crash the phone. Forcing Restart.

I was expecting more polished OS from Mozilla. 😦
Hope They solve the issues as early as possible and launch their OS with high end Hardware instead of “only” low powered device.

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