Sunbird’s Nest found in varanda:

Close view


Sunbrds Nest


Nest view

3 Soft Bed inside Nest

Nest Bed

4 With Owner Inside…

Sunbird In nest

5 Closeup of house owner

Sunbird in nest

6 Yet to be hatched…

Sunbird Eggs in nest

7 Sunbird Eggs

Sunbird Eggs

8 Nest


9 Sunbird


10 Another view of nest

Sunbird Nest

11 Nest outside closeup

Nest outside closeup

12 Nest from Outside

Nest from outside

13 Sunbird’s Beak

Sunbird Beak

14 Beak closeup. Curved beak helps in sucking nectar from long and narrow flowers.

Beak closeup

15 Sunbird on Nest

Sunbird on Nest

16 Sunbird


17 Sunbird on Nest

Sunbird on Nest

Click Here for Album with original big size photos.

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