This is my answer to “Why Emacs?” question. I am not against any type of tool. Text Editor and/or IDE is just a tool. No tool is perfect and no single tool can be used for all problems and requirements. Each tool has its own place, merits and demerits. I do not lock myself to any philosophy or platform. I always keep an open mind towards tools so that I will be flexible in choosing the right tool to solve a given problem.

Having said that, there are certain personal preferences and thought process. I have tried to explain my thought process on, why I choose Emacs.

Note: after zooming it might take few seconds to show clear text. If still not able to view clear text on this image, then Click Here to directly view it from git repo.


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This flowchart and its PNG image is released under Creative Commons 4.0 ShareAlike International License.

Confucius. (n.d.). Retrieved August 03, 2017, from Web site:

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