To quickly have the same Emacs setup across all different work computers, I created a Git repo for my Emacs configuration. I am using use-package to auto install and auto configure all the packages.

It will setup following defaults which are my favourite as of now:

  1. Farmhouse Dark Theme with few customizations
  2. Show full file path on title bar
  3. Move line up/down
  4. Project Management with Projectile
  5. Ruby syntax highlighting, code navigation and other IDE features
  6. Rubocop
  7. Python syntax highlighting and other IDE features
  8. Optional File Browser. [F8]
  9. Ruby on Rails Integration
  10. GIT interface for Emacs using Magit
  11. Color Code highlighting with rainbow mode
  12. and many more…

Download the git repository

Backup your original .emacs config file somewhere

cp ~/.emacs ~/.emacs_backup

Create symlink to new emacs config file

ln -s ~/emacs/emacs ~/.emacs

Now start Emacs. for the first time it will try to pull all packages and setup them which might take a little longer to start Emacs. next time onwards it should be relatively quick.

I have added a script to fully automate this setup but that script is not complete. You will also have to use the included icicle script to setup icicle and related packages.

Visit the repository at:


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