Jolla Sailfish Mobile Phone and OS Review

Approximately one year ago, I started using Jolla Sailfish Mobile Phone after my not so great previous endeavour with Firefox OS. Thankfully Jolla Sailfish Phone indeed improved my confidence about alternate Mobile Phone Operating Systems. Experience of using a device with Gesture based user input is sleek and refreshing.

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Firefox Mobile Phone OS Review

I always preferred a basic model mobile phone. I do not like smartphones. I would like to keep all the “smart” apps to either tab or to laptop. Even Smart Watch is fine. But phone I like basic version only.

The only exception to this was Ubuntu Phone. I was and I am waiting for it since the first day Canonical announced about it. I am still waiting. 😡
Hence I decided to just use my then current basic model Nokia phone until Ubuntu phone is launched.

Then one day news came that Firefox Mobile phone is launched in India. Mozilla has exclusively partnered with one of the top Indian e-commerce player Snapdeal and the phone will be available through them only.
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