डोक्याची मंडई


नाही, हे चुकुन लिहिलेले नाही. तुमचा बेव ब्राऊजर किंवा मोबाईल फोन अ‍ॅप व्यवस्थीत चालु आहे. तुम्ही वर वाचलेत ते अगदी तसेच लिहिले आहे. ही एका संगणकीय भाषेत लिहिलेली छोटीशी आज्ञावली आहे. चक्रावलात ना? या लेखात याच संगणकीय भाषेची तोंडओळख करुन घेणार आहोत.

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Bulk Watermark and Bulk Remove EXIF from Photos

Note: This script runs only on Gnu/Linux platform as of now. Volunteer contribution is welcome to make it work on other platforms.

When I started publishing my photos to blog, I was faced with a bulk watermarking photos issue. Its just a one line command in Linux, to watermark photos but then my requirement grew more than that so I wrote a bash shell script to achieve my goal.

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Why I can’t decide PHP is not good, without using PHP?

Someone asked me how can I comment on PHP when I am not a PHP programmer and never used it.

When there was a time for me to decide my programming language choice I shortlisted python and ruby. And learned both.

I took help of various blogs by tech experts at that time to conclude that PHP is not good enough to learn from scratch when I am starting new. Why not just learn some better option like python?

What is wrong in just following the opinions of the tech bloggers?

Why should I first master PHP to conclude its bad?